4 Knife Materials

With better knife material technology, there are a lot of combination between different knife material, but basically to make thing simple a bit to understand, kitchen knife material can be divided into 4 main category:

  1. Carbon Steel
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Laminated
  4. Ceramic

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel material is use to make the kitchen knives in the early day and it’s still very popular. It’s very vulnerable to rush and stain if make from carbon steel. And the good thing about carbon steel knife is it’s much easier to sharpen then stainless steel knives.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel knives are my favorite and had become the most common knives of all nowday. It requires low maintainability for sharpening and best of all it’s easier to wash also.


Well, about laminated knives, I don’t have much personal experience in laminated knives, so I can’t say much here. Base on what I read and know – a laminated knife are make of the best of each material in the different part of knives. Different parts of the knives have different mix of steel material. Pretty interesting knife technology.


Ceramic knives, it’s the best material for kitchen knives. It’s hold an edge for the longest compare to all. Besides that, ceramic kitchen knives are chemically nonreactive. The bad things about ceramic knives is they require special equipment to resharpen ( you can ship it back for service ) and easily break if dropped on the floor. Personally, I think only truly professional top chef will use ceramic knives.

Your Kitchen Knives Material

Well, this is just a simple guide on the kitchen knives material. If you want more detail information about the combination of your knife material and technology, check out your knife manual.


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