Best Kitchen Knives

Have you just started cook your own meals? Are you looking for the best kitchen knives as a gift to a dear one? Whether you are looking for a fast answer or detailed information about cooking knives, our blog may help. We have tested all the top kitchen knives and many less highly rated ones, picked out the best from the best, and reviewed them in detail.

Whether it is a kitchen knives set or just a certain type of knife you are looking for, we have recommendations for you.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Knives

Having sharp, great knives will enable you to cook very precisely. Knife skills are essential in cooking. – Eric Ripert, French chef and author

Are you wondering if you should get the premium, individually-crafted and honed kitchen knives made from high quality material, or the cheap kitchen knives set that has every single type of knife for your cooking?

From our tests and research, the price of a kitchen knife or a set of knives is largely determined by its material and its workmanship.

We’ll explain more about this in our reviews, but for now it’s sufficient to know that generally, you’re more likely to get a high quality knife among the expensive ones, than among the cheap ones. In other words, it is still possible to find good kitchen knives for cheap, but you’ll just have to put more effort in your search. Luckily, we’ve done most of the work for you.

When buying kitchen knives, you can:

Buy a whole set of knives – A whole kitchen knife set is often cheaper compared to buying the exact same knives in the set individually. You may also prefer a knife set because many of them include a wooden or plastic knife block that is tailored to fit the knives. Kitchen knife sets sometimes come with a pair of kitchen shears and/or a sharpening steel as well. When buying a kitchen knives set, look for quality and value in the specific few knives or tools that you will be using the most.


Buy the knives individually – If you are the type to buy only what you need, find out which types of kitchen knives are the most imperative for your cooking. We’ll talk about the types of knives, their functions and order of importance below. If you buy kitchen knives individually, you’ll be able to invest a larger bulk of your budget to a few important, everyday knives and spend less on other types of knives that are only needed occasionally.


Both – Some people start with a basic kitchen knives set and add extra knives to the set when they need them. This eases the strain on the budget and allows new cooks to get a feel of what they like and don’t like before investing more in kitchen knives. Many basic knife sets now come with a knife block with extra slots for this very purpose.
Types of Kitchen Knives
Kitchen knives are designed for their specific functions, which is to say the fact whether a knife has a broad or narrow blade, a tapered or rounded tip, is important for its particular function. To put it bluntly, a kitchen knife is not simply a sharpened tool that you can put to a piece of food and expect a right cut to be made. If you do that, at best you could end up with badly cut ingredients that may not affect the cooking, at worst the knife could be damaged or you may even suffer an injury.

A chef’s knife, a utility knife and a paring knife are the most used knives that any chef or cook will have in his/her kitchen. These knives are multi-purpose and may be used for many types of cuts, which makes them the workhorses of the kitchen. If you’re just starting out, definitely get these three kitchen knives individually or in a set. (Note: Some people use a santoku knife in place of a utility knife. You can read about santoku knives here.)

Second in order of importance are the kitchen shears and the bread knife. Kitchen shears are great for many purposes and you will soon find yourself longing for a pair if you don’t have them. The bread knife is particular to slicing bread but it is important because you can’t slice bread properly with any other knife.

Other types of knives like sushi knife, boning knife, steak knives, carving knife, cheese knife, filleting knife and so on are also particular to their functions and optional.

What Size Should You Get
The chef’s knife ranges from 6-inch to 10-inch, and only select brands carry a line of chef knives of more than 10-inch. The average person uses the standard 8-inch chef knife comfortably but you may like a shorter or longer knife depending on your height. The taller you are, the more comfortable you will be with a longer chef knife.

Kitchen Knives Reviews

Here it is, the list of top kitchen knives and the best knife sets we picked out from the best rated and most popular in the market.

Some Other Tools You May Need:

Best Knives By Brands

Find your favorite knives by their brands and see what we have to say about them. Our favorites are Shun and Wusthof classic knives among the premium ones, and we recommend Forschner Victorinox and Kershaw among the cheaper ones.

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Why is it important to buy the right knives?

Buying the right kitchen knives will help you do the job easier and keep you safe in the kitchen. The best knife is one that is sharp, durable and fits your profile. With good kitchen knives, you will cook more often and continue to enjoy healthy home-cooked food.

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